david baldridge 

On June 23rd, 2016, the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland chose to leave the European Union. By itself, this decision will have a dramatic impact on numerous areas of British government policy, all of which must be addressed,  including its borders, immigration, trade, and the potential to stir up nationalist feelings in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Undertaking Brexit is, however, not the only problem facing modern British politicians, in fact, it is more a symptom of deep systematic issues that are plaguing many contemporary western democracies, including Britain. Consequently, this committee must not only negotiate a nuanced and wide ranging deal to settle Britain's exit from the EU, but it must do so against the backdrop of rising social tension resulting from an economy transitioning away from more traditional industries like manufacturing and towards finance and services and a society that grows more urbane and culturally diverse every day. It will take shrewd, cunning individuals with determination and resolve to placate the competing elements of British society, and lead Britain into a new era away from the EU into the next decade.


The Republic of Pirates

elizabeth bobbitt

In the year 1718, pirates ruled the Caribbean. Striking out from a base on the Bahamian island of New Providence, they ravaged merchant ships, haunting the trade routes that stretched as far north as Nova Scotia. Unchallenged by any of the colonial governments of the New World, the city of Nassau, New Providence flourished as a haven for piracy and other unsavoury business, consequently transforming from a backwater colony to a veritable “Republic of Pirates” in just a few short years. But this unhindered freedom was not to last—a fleet led by newly-appointed governor Woodes Rogers departs from Great Britain in early 1718 with the goal of retaking New Providence Island for the British Empire.  

As delegates, you will play the role of the most powerful pirates of Nassau. It will be up to you to keep your island from falling back into the control of the British, through whatever means necessary, while also ensuring the future of piracy in the Caribbean. This will be no easy task, but it is one upon which your livelihood—and perhaps even your lives—will depend.

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1762: The Battle for Russia

heerea rikhraj

The year is 1762, and Eastern Europe is in a state of chaos. Russia, Austria and Prussia’s active participation in the perilous Seven Years' War has led to crippling economies; geographical ruin; an exponential increase in poverty; baleful hatred and the death of hundreds of thousands. Superpowers Russia, Austria and Prussia have convened in Poland in attempts to negotiate a peace settlement, but negotiations will not be a walk in the park. Each nation is reticent to cooperate but must try a hand at diplomacy in order to save themselves. This committee deals with a variety of issues, from war to violation of international treaties and potential decimation. Characters will attempt to secure their state and push their personal agendas while maneuvering through a room of liars, murders, and cunning minds. Will peace ensue? Or will a nation rise and terror reign? Travel back in time to find out.

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The American War: The Last Battle For Freedom

kyle monte

In February 1965, sappers belonging to the National Liberation Front as known as the “Viet-Cong” bombed Pleiku air base in South Vietnam, killing 8 Americans and wounding hundreds of South Vietnamese troops. In response, the United States launched Operation Rolling Thunder, an aerial bombing campaign targeting North Vietnam, and landed US combat troops at Da Nang a week later. As the Americans prepared for a war in the thick-jungles of Indochina, the National Liberation Front prepared to defend their homes against yet another foreign invader. 

Delegates will assume the roles of the commanders of the National Liberation Front to find out how they will defeat both the South Vietnamese and United States militaries. As more bombs fall and more troops land, the will of the Vietnamese people will be tested under the pressure of America’s arsenal. What should be done with the sick and hungry? How will we fight the well equipped Americans? Can the North Vietnamese truly be trusted? Everyone knows the about the Vietnam war, but it's about time the world learns the story of the American war.

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Metro 2033: Ascension

ryan truong 

Welcome to the Metro.

Based on the expansive world painted in Dmitry Glukhovsky’s famous series of the same name, Metro 2033: Ascension takes place 5 years following World War Three and the nuclear attack that sent hundreds of Soviet citizens fleeing into the Moscow metro system. Safe from the nuclear warheads and anguished cries of their unfortunate compatriots outside, it would seem that for the residents of the Metro, the worst might have come to pass. Despite the temporary peace secured through their survival, however, it did not take long for sadness and shock to give way to aggression and violence.

The first few years underground were headlined by relative peace and prosperity, but it wouldn’t take long for outbursts of violence and rage to cause groups of survivors to face one another. Old foes became older, small gangs became bigger, until factions and conflict became inseparable. Killing and conflict was no longer action spurred by sudden passion or emotion, but a calculated and systematic affair, unkind to concepts of guilt or innocence.

Recognizing the threat that these skirmishes could have on the survival of the Metro, independent stations at the northern tip of the Metro banded together to form a consolidated front against the civil war, and an attempt to preserve their way of life. They are not the richest, nor are they the strongest. They don’t control vast amounts of territory nor all the pleasures of life. But they will fight to protect what was theirs, for they are the Coalition: the last bastion of humanity in the Metro’s darkened corridors.


Heike Monogatari: The First Samurai

zhenglin liu

The Tale of the Heike is, without a doubt, the greatest of Japan’s war tales. It chronicles the late 12th-century Genpei War, a conflict that changed how the nation would be governed for more than half a millennium. It pits multiple generations of the imperial family, a court at odds with itself, two warrior clans (one assimilated into the aristocracy, the other an insurgent force), and rival Buddhist temples all against one another in unstable relationships of patronage and obligation.

There will be setpiece battles on both land and sea, but even more important will be the cementing of alliances, the maintenance of honour, and the establishment of legitimacy. This is a committee where your ability to compose a beautiful poem is as important as your ability to direct an army. Will the age of the warriors begin, or will the aristocracy see another flowering of culture? All depends on your actions as the great nobles, warriors, and prelates of the age, and Japan is yours to shape for centuries to come.


Star Wars: Aftermath

– Joint Crisis Committee –

asic chen and neumann hon

The Second Death Star is destroyed. Both the Emperor and Darth Vader are believed to be dead. The Empire faces its greatest crisis since its inception, while the Rebel Alliance is celebrating its greatest triumph. Across the Galaxy, systems are rising in revolt against the tyrannical forces of the Galactic Empire. The Rebels are working to rally new allies among the independent systems and local dissidents as the Empire tries desperately to regain its hold. Will anyone bring peace to the Galaxy in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor?


Legacy of the Weltkrieg

–Triple Crisis Committee–

thomas kariunas

What if Germany won World War One? What if the Bolsheviks lost the Russian Revolution? What if America had a second civil war? In this exciting triple crisis committee, navigate a tangled web of alliances and rivalries in a world that is both alien yet familiar to our own. Welcome to a new age of empires. Welcome to Legacy of the Weltkrieg.

Character Bios:


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