Past Committees

Noted below are a list of committees run throughout the history of the SSICsim conference. You can click on the committee titles to download a copy of the associated background guide.


Athenian War Council – The Peloponnesian War
Borders (Joint Crisis)
Hong Kong – City In Transition
In Short Supply: Water Scarcity
Nowhere to Run: Summoning the Superintelligence
The Successors: Alexander’s Legacy
The Warlords – China In Crisis

SSICSIM 2014                  

Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General
24 – The Breach
Bioshock – Rapture War Council
Global Warming 2050
The Odyssey Program
Paris Peace Conference 1919

March 2014 Conference

Avatar The Last Airbender
Cabinet of the Democratic Republic of North Korea
Geneva Conference 1954
Patient Zero: The Global Pandemic
US Unified Combatant Command: Ending The War In The Pacific

SSICsim 2013 Conference

Facebook – Zuckerberg’s Dream*
The Munich Conference 1938 – Europe’s Darkest Hour*
The Quebec Conference 1864 – From Sea to Shining Sea?*
Star Trek – The Bajor Peace Conference
United Nations Security Council – Wars and Rumours of Wars*
U.S. Presidential Election 2012 – October Surprise*

SSICsim 2012 Conference

Apple Board of Directors*
Arab League
International Committee of The Red Cross*
Star Wars – The Blockade of Naboo, 32 BBY
United Nations Security Council*

*Background guide is not available