Past Committees

Noted below are a list of committees run throughout the history of the SSICsim conference. You can click on the committee titles to download a copy of the associated background guide.


Athenian War Council – The Peloponnesian War
Borders (Joint Crisis)
Hong Kong – City In Transition
In Short Supply: Water Scarcity
Nowhere to Run: Summoning the Superintelligence
The Successors: Alexander’s Legacy
The Warlords – China In Crisis

SSICSIM 2014                  

Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General
24 – The Breach
Bioshock – Rapture War Council
Global Warming 2050
The Odyssey Program
Paris Peace Conference 1919

March 2014 Conference

Avatar The Last Airbender
Cabinet of the Democratic Republic of North Korea
Geneva Conference 1954
Patient Zero: The Global Pandemic
US Unified Combatant Command: Ending The War In The Pacific

SSICsim 2013 Conference

Facebook – Zuckerberg’s Dream*
The Munich Conference 1938 – Europe’s Darkest Hour*
The Quebec Conference 1864 – From Sea to Shining Sea?*
Star Trek – The Bajor Peace Conference
United Nations Security Council – Wars and Rumours of Wars*
U.S. Presidential Election 2012 – October Surprise*

SSICsim 2012 Conference

Apple Board of Directors*
Arab League
International Committee of The Red Cross*
Star Wars – The Blockade of Naboo, 32 BBY
United Nations Security Council*

*Background guide is not available






SSICsim 2017 Committees

Ad-Hoc 2.png


Benson Cheung

Come as you are.* 

GoT 1.png

Game of Thrones: Winter Solstice

Ashvi Shah and Fatema Lotia 

Based off the HBO TV series, the Game of Thrones committee focuses on the interplay between risky politics driven by personal interests versus the need for stability and peace in a large co-dependent community. The committee takes place in the medieval world of Westeros created by George R. R. Martin and deals with a variety of socio-political issues, ranging from civil war, to kingdom fragmentation, all the way to potential annihilation by an external threat. Characters and houses must try their hand at diplomacy while being tempted by deceit and betrayal at every turn. Who can you trust? Brother against brother, centuries-old family feuds, royals with a thirst for revenge, the greedy, the power-hungry - all must come together to survive the game of thrones.


Gotham City: The Darkest Knight

Archie Burton Smith

Gotham City is crumbling. Decades of poverty, government corruption and urban decay has led to the city becoming a haven for criminals and a hell for citizens living in it. In this committee delegates will become members of a Gotham City emergency council whose purpose is rebuilding the city and solving different crises facing it. They will have to deal with many issues from criminal gangs and supervillains to government corruption and police brutality and maybe even a certain vigilante. The city of Gotham needs heroes… will you be the one it needs? Or the one it deserves…


The Search for Modern China: 1945 - Joint Crisis 

Neumann Hon, Asic Chen, and Stefan Rus

This joint crisis pits the two camps against each other in the struggle between the Chinese Communist Party and the Nationalist Party of China, the two most viable options for leadership in the country at the time. By the Japanese surrender at the end of the Second World War, China had been in turmoil for the better part of a century. After the collapse of the Qing dynasty, the search for modern China is nowhere close to a conclusion, and the fate of the nation depends on the delegates’ actions. As Japanese forces started to vacate occupied territories, the anti-Japanese United Front made up of Communist and Nationalist forces began to dissolve, and hostility threatened to resume between the two ideological enemies. Against the backdrop of the budding Cold War, this committee takes delegates back to the eventful summer of 1945, when the most senior members of the Communist and Nationalist parties must decide on the future of China either through diplomacy or by force.

1984 2.04.png


Mary Zelenova

The year is 1984, and the citizens of Oceania live under the most rigorous dictatorship the world has ever seen. Nobody is free, and any form of dissent – even one that is hoarded in the most private corners of one’s mind – is punishable by death. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of the Big Brother. Nothing, except a small group of 15 rebels, who hope to successfully overthrow the tyrannical state and form a democratic government. Together, they must gather forces, allocate proper resources, and ignite the spark of the rebellion, all the while remaining uncovered by the Inner Party. But overthrowing the Party is only half the task. After decades of despotic rule, the rebels must then establish a new state that operates under the principles of open democracy and individual liberty, form proper democratic institutions, and repair diplomatic relations with the outside world. It is up to them to determine the future of the new Oceania – will it finally embrace democracy, or will it revert back to its tyrannical ways under the rule of new rebel government?

New Project (1).png

The Iran-Contra Operation

Nickolas Shyshkin

Six years after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, relations between the United States and Iran are all but cordial to the public. Although in light of American hostages being held in the captivity of Hezbollah, and Iran being subject to an arms embargo while fighting in the Iran-Iraq War, the clandestine U.S.-Iran arms deal was born. Ronald Reagan, his senior administration, and influential advisors began to facilitate the secret sale of arms to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages by Hezbollah. Following two exchanges and Robert McFarlane’s resignation as National Security Advisor, a new possibility of expanding the deal to help the anti-Communist fight in Nicaragua and beyond will require further diligence from the secret committee. Its members will need to effectively deal with the Iranian government and its associates, manage the release of American hostages, and skirt around Congress to fund the Contras to overthrow the communist Sandinista government. The prospect of combining their Iranian and Nicaraguan operations together will need to be carefully orchestrated, and most importantly, kept from the public eye.

broken mirror final.png

Shattered Mirror: The Human Machine - Joint Crisis 

Ashley Lall and Alex Parent 

Shattered Mirror: The Human Machine takes place in the mid-2130s, five years after a robotic revolt sweeps Japan. Millions of robots have overthrown their human owners, ousting survivors lucky enough to escape to the edge of the country. Criticizing humanity for its ignorance toward the planet’s climate, the robotic revolutionaries have formed a special council to deliberate their next move: global revolt. 

The former robotic servants, a reflection of their creators’ best and worst qualities, now stand ready to take charge. Humans have been tasked with a singular mission of survival. Each side will do anything to prevent its demise. 

As a joint crisis committee, Shattered Mirror pits human and robotic delegates against each other in a battle for equality, independence, and survival. Do machines deserve human rights? Can humanity guarantee its existence on Earth? Is justice a human luxury or something more? Look in the mirror and find out.

shenue final.png

The Shenue Crisis of 2431 

Ryan Truong

Embroiled in a devastating civil war, the last bastion of human civilization left on planet earth has become the home of a chaotic conflict that threatens to tear the city and its inhabitants apart. On one side are the Greater People of Shenue, the self proclaimed government responsible for upholding society and order, though many would argue their methods are far from respectable. On the other side exist the Ashura-Kai, an organized crime syndicate whose support and influence throughout the city mirror the power of the the ruling party themselves. Though once benign in in their rivalry, supporters of both sides have instigated armed combat amongst themselves, running the streets red with the blood of both combatants and innocents. Delegates will assume the roles of members of a special intermediary council formulated by the distraught vice president of Shenue in hopes of finding compromise amongst the terror. Double crossing, actions with consequence, and threats from both within and outside will happen, and with territory changing hands, conflict is inevitable. Will the committee succeed in their goal? Which party will reign supreme? What will happen to the glorious city of Shenue? Tune in to find out.

* Stay tuned closer to the conference for updates.