Rules and Regulations

The Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation (SSICsim) is a positive, friendly and inclusive event. It is imperative and mandatory that these values are upheld and that all participants (Staff, Secretariat, Directors, Delegates, Teacher Advisors, etc.) are treated equally and with respect.

By registering for our conference, you agree to abide by the following list of rules and regulations. At the discretion of the SSICsim Secretariat, failure to abide by these rules and regulations may result in removal from the event and/or may disqualify your participation in any future SSICsim event. Should you have any questions or concerns about the conference’s rules and regulations, please contact the Secretariat at

1. All participants must refrain from using any words, actions or behaviour that disrespects or may be interpreted as discriminatory towards any conference participant and/or member of SSICsim organization.

2. All participants must act in a professional and fair manner towards all conference participant, attendees and/or member of SSICsim organization.

3. All delegates are expected to wear formal western business attire during conference related events (i.e., opening ceremonies, committee sessions, socials, closing ceremonies, etc.).. However, delegates are permitted to wear costumes directly related to the theme of their assigned committee during committee sessions. These costumes may not promote the use of illegal substances or activity, be derogatory, be disrespectful, include the use of an accessory resembling a weapon, and must abide by your schools dress code. Note that if you chose to wear a costume that is found to be inappropriate, at the discretion of the Secretariat, you will be asked to change.

4. All delegates, teacher advisors, staff, and other conference participants are required to wear their conference badge during the entirety of the SSICsim conference (i.e., opening ceremonies, committee sessions, socials, closing ceremonies, etc.). If you lose your badge, you are required to let a member of the Secretariat know immediately.

5. SSICsim has a media team which will be capturing pictures and videos during the conference. By registering and participating in the conference, you consent to being photographed and/or filmed by the media team. You also thereby consent to the use of this media on SSICsim’s social media platforms, website, and other conference related materials.

6. As a delegate, once you have been assigned a committee you will not be moved into another at any point before or during the conference. Please note that while we do solicit your committee preferences and do our best to accommodate these, we can not guarantee that these preferences will be met.

7. All participants and individuals noted as the primary staff contact, secondary staff contact, primary parent/guardian contact, and secondary parent/guardian contact on conference registration forms must abide by our refund policy. By registering and being listed as one of those contacts, you must also accept any and all responsibilities linked to our refund policy and paying conference fees in full to the SSICsim organization.

8. In order for any member of a delegation to participate in the SSICsim 2018 Conference, payment of the entire delegation’s invoice must be received in full.

9. As a participant in the SSICsim conference you are expected to not contravene any laws and/or rules set forth by the University of Toronto, the City of Toronto, Province of Ontario and nation of Canada. Should you infringe upon any of the aforementioned laws you assume any and all responsibility for your actions and declare that in no way can the SSICsim organization and/or members of SSICsim be held financially or legally accountable for your actions.

10. SSICsim will store and use your personal information in a database to facilitate your participation in the conference and to contact you regarding any ongoing and/or future developments at SSICsim. This information will only be accessed by members of the SSICsim Secretariat and we will keep this information private and confidential. You have the right to request permanent deletion of your information once the conference is over. These requests are to be made in writing and may take up to 10 business days to process.