Secretariat Featurette - Roaa Shukry

With our conference only 2 months away, we are pleased to introduce our first Secretariat member, Roaa Shoukry!

Roaa is part of our core team, being the Director General for Academic Affairs. Dealing with the academic content, training and background guides of all the Committees at SSICsim, you'll see her running about at the conference!

We asked Roaa, "What will delegates have most to look forward to and what do you hope they will take away?"

"On the day of my first ever Model UN conference, I found out that I had to be reassigned to a different committee, representing a different country on topics I had not researched. I was nervous. I was anxious. But a tiny part of me was very excited. The challenge was exhilarating, and it captured the spirit of all that is MUN. SSICsim is an embodiment of that spirit – the thrill of not knowing the direction of the committee, but accepting the challenge for that very reason. With only two months away, the anticipation is at an all-time high. It feels good to see things finally taking shape. I’ll miss the meetings, the workshops, the drafts, the feedback, and the countless emails, but I cannot wait for delegates to experience what we have prepared. So, delegates, I hope you’re looking forward to 3 days of critical thinking and problem solving, but most importantly, to 3 days of meeting new, interesting people and going home with stories that will last you a lifetime."

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