Secretariat Featurette - External Affairs Team

Wonder why SSICsim has that distinctive look? Well look no further, as today we're featuring our External Affairs Team.

Made up of DG of External Affairs, Timothy Law, and the three Undersecretary Generals, Fariha Ahmed, Kassandra Neranjan, and Daniela Espino, they are responsible for all aspects from creating graphics, handling our website, and even for the very facebook post you are reading right now!

We asked them, "Why do you like you about your position on SSICsim?"

Timothy: "I love working with MUN and all the people that come with it, as well as making MUN presentable and accessible for both staff and students. Having a heavy creative aspect, each graphic or post is different and features a unique challenge that I find enjoyable! In addition, working with my external team, might I say the "Best" SSICsim Team, has been great!

Fariha: "What I like about my position is that it’s something that I haven’t ever done before. Prior to SSICsim, I had very few web design skills so I was really nervous when I realized my position entailed creating an entirely new website out of scratch this year. To my surprise, it turned out to be a really fun and rewarding experience and I hope that delegates this year will have that opportunity to try something completely new and develop their skills in a way that they would never have anticipated before. "

Kassandra: "Two things I love are design and community outreach. SSICSim allowed me to combine these both by serving as a design pointperson for an organization that helps young people become more globally aware and foster an affinity for public speaking. SSICSim is something I only wish I could have been a part of as a high school student, so I'm grateful to contribute my creativity to hopefully help grow someone else's"

Daniela: "What I love about SSICsim and my role is the opportunities to further develop my leadership and communication skills. Taking on the challenges of spreading SSICsim through various social media has been both a challenging, but rewarding opportunity. With the creativity and teamwork involved in heading the conference's social media it sure has been busy, but has allowed me a priceless experience."