Committee Featurette - Oil: The Fuel of Power

Another week, another committee! Today's we're presenting SSICsim's unique committee on the future of fossil fuels. With climate change being a key issue, we're proud to present "Oil: The Fuel of Power"

"The amount of oil resources a country largely defines the amount of power they have on the world stage and the amount of influence they exert in global policy debates. In many of big oil-exporting countries, they use their revenues to invest in their societies. Cue an oil price plunge.This plunge in oil prices that started mid-2014 caused a fall in oil revenues. Some countries are caught in a financial crisis with civil unrest and governments are unable to fund their investments. Will the world remain reliant on oil or is this a prelude to the extinction of oil as a fuel of power? That remains to be seen…"

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