Secretariat Featurette - Academic Affairs Team

As the days go by, the excitement builds! This week, we're happy to introduce another part of our excellent secretariat being our Academic Team.

Consisting of our Training Directors, Angela Hou and Jane Wu, and our two USGs of Content, Stephanie Fennell and Andrew Liu, this team is responsible for training all crisis staff, and making sure your committees are top notch. Whether you are reading those amazing crisis guides, or are caught up in the heat of debate during the Conference, you've got the Academic Team to thank!

We asked Jane, "How have you been involved with MUN before?"

"Unlike a lot of people who has been involved with MUN since high school, I haven’t had the opportunity to go abroad to attend many conferences. So to try to make up for this, I’ve tried taking part in every Toronto-based MUN that would have me. As a result, I’ve amassed experience in pretty much every role from delegate to dias and everything in between in committees ranging anywhere from 4 to 200 people. Being on Secretariat is a new experience for me, but even then there’s still much for me to explore and I’m ready for whatever comes."

Take a look at their pictures to see their comments on MUN and SSICsim!

We asked Andrew "What advice do you have to give to delegates?"

"Delegates will have unique and challenging crisis committees this year, where their public speaking skills, diplomatic skills, and problem solving skills will be put to the test. The most important thing for delegates is to learn new strategies and abilities to be a better delegate for future conferences."

We asked Angela, "Why is SSICsim special to you?"

"SSICsim has a special place in my MUN world, because it strives to provide a space for novice MUNers. I genuinely believe that making MUN accessible is an extremely valuable pursuit, and SSICsim is such a role model for promoting these values. Model UN allows youth to appreciate, and engage with, the complexities of our world, and approach global... See More

We asked Stephanie, "What do you think makes SSICsim special and unique?"

"SSICsim provides the ideal environment for novices to learn the ins and outs of crisis. We train our staff, from secretariat to logistics staff to directors to tune a crisis committee to the novice point of view. However, that is not to say it is wholly tuned the novice experience. I would argue that SSICsim nurtures the ... See More

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