Secretariat Featurette - Internal Affairs Team

For this week, we're happy to present our Internal Team, made up by Mary Zelenova, and Sangeetha Ganesh.

The two make up the dynamic duo responsible for communicating with both delegates and staff. Creating a smooth registration system, and organizing great socials for staff and delegates alike, be sure to give them a shout-out when you see them at the conference!

We asked Mary: “What do you love most about MUN?”

"My first MUN conference was a committee of about three hundred people. Getting up to speak in front of such a large audience was incredibly nerve wracking, and I spent the first two committee sessions doodling in the back row. But, once I got over my fear and got up to speak, I quickly learned that the other delegates were not there to tear down each others’ ideas, but rather sought the best way to work with each other to produce a concise and coherent resolution. That, to me, is MUN in a nutshell: it gives delegates a platform to speak about global issues that they are passionate about and teaches them how to work together to produce proposals for solutions. I found MUN to be an amazing way to improve my public speaking skills and overall confidence levels, and I am sure that a lot of experienced MUNners would agree with me on this one. Having worked as a liaison with the SSICsim delegates over the past few months, I can not wait to watch them immerse themselves entirely in the world of crises, and I can not wait to see what they can come up with!"

We asked Sangeetha, “What role do socials play in the SSICsim Conference?”

"Well the socials this year are designed for the delegates to break the ice and get to know each other a little better before the crisis simulations. These events are an opportunity for the delegates to interact with the members of their conference as well as get a sneak peak into the university experience.
As for the staff, the socials are a chance for everyone to relax and reap the rewards for all their hard work and dedication. Its not easy planning such a big event and making sure that the delegates have a good time while getting their money’s worth."