Secretariat Featurette - Louisa Samuels

Its a new week, and time to feature another Secretariat member! This week, we're featuring Louisa Samuels, our Director-General for Internal Affairs!

In her role as Director General For Internal Affairs, Louisa works with the Internal Branch to oversee all the logistical planning of the conference. So for all those great venues and places that SSICsim will be utilizing during the duration of the Conference, be sure to say thanks to Louisa!

We asked Louisa "What did you learn from your position as a Director General?"

"Since attending Model United Nations as a delegate I experienced, first hand, the potential Model UN conferences offer to high school students. Being given the responsibility of Director-General for Internal Affairs for SSICsim 2016 has been both an honour and a privilege which I have and will forever hold in high esteem.

As Director of Internal Affairs I have been fully dedicated to the missions of SSICsim by investing and prioritizing time and effort to SSICsim. I feel as though becoming Director-General for Internal Affairs has made me more responsible, punctual, and allowed me to express my knowledge and dedication to the visions of SSICsim.

I am looking forward to bringing delegates the opportunity to think critically and innovatively in the upcoming SSICsim 2016 conference. I hope to make SSICsim's 2016 conference as intellectually intriguing and fun as possible for all staff and delegates!"