When is SSICsim 2019 taking place?
The 2019 SSICsim conference is set to be held from November 8th-10th.

Where is SSICsim 2019 taking place?
This conference will be held in various areas across the University of Toronto St. George Campus. Details on where specific events and committee sessions will be taking place will be announced shortly.

Is SSICsim exclusive to high school level delegates?
Yes, SSICsim is hosted for high school level delegates by students at the University of Toronto.

Can I attend SSICsim as an individual delegate?
Yes, you are more than welcome to attend the conference as an individual delegate if your school or group is not planning to send a delegation.

Is there a limit to the number of delegates being sent in a delegation?
No, at this point there is no limit to the number of delegates in a delegation. However, there is a limited number of spots for delegates due to SSICsim’s small committee sizes.

How many delegates attend the SSICsim conference? 
For the SSICsim 2019 conference, we are aiming to have approximately 200 delegates in attendance.

What type of committees are run at SSICsim?
The committees run at SSICsim range from addressing historical, contemporary, and fictional issues intended to engage and induce carefully crafted discussion among delegates. Since SSICsim solely runs crisis committees, participants are required to react quickly in real-time to continually changing scenarios.

How many delegates are in each committee? 
SSICsim limits its committee size to approximately twenty delegates. This is to ensure maximum opportunity for each delegate to express his or her diplomatic and problem solving initiatives. Additionally, this intimate conference environment helps to allow for thought-provoking conversations and debates.

How do you determine delegate committee placements? 
The Secretariat does their best to ensure a positive experience for all delegates and participants who attend the SSICsim 2019 conference. As such, we try to ensure that delegates are placed in committees they will enjoy. When delegates register for the conference they are given the opportunity to rank our committees according to their preferences and note their level of experience with Model UN. Based on this information, we work to assign committee and country/character placements based on delegate preferences, and try to balance committees with novice and experienced delegates. Please note that while we will do our best to accommodate preferences, we cannot make any guarantees.

Are SSICsim delegates required to submit position papers? 
No, delegates are not required to submit position papers for our conference.