Staff Positions

There are many different opportunities to get involved with SSICsim as a staff member. These include positions suited for all levels of Model United Nations experience. Training will be provided for all staff members leading up to the conference in November. Read below to find out more about the different roles.


logistics officers

Logistics Officers are responsible for facilitating and regulating inter-delegate communications, as well as contributing to the preparation of conference materials. They do so while gaining behind-the-scenes exposure to the Model United Nations world. This is a very beginner friendly position!


Moderators sit in the committee room with delegates and control the flow of debate. They are trained to be experts in Model UN procedure, and are responsible for keeping debate on track.


Analysts work in the Crisis room of a SSICsim committee. Their main responsibilities are responding to delegate notes, helping come up with new Crisis ideas, and getting into character / costume to deliver Crisis updates. This is a very beginner friendly position!



Chairs sit on the Dais in the committee room alongside the Moderator. They act as the experts on in-world content and mechanics, and help answer any questions from the delegates. (Note: the only committee hiring chairs for SSICsim 2018 is the "Legacy of the Weltkrieg" Triple Joint Crisis Committee)


A Manager is responsible for the team of Analysts in a committee. They stay informed of everything that is happening in the Crisis room, and communicate with the Director to determine when the next Crisis update should be delivered. This is a great role for anyone who has experience as an Analyst and wants a more challenging role!