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What is SSICsim?

Founded in May 2011, the Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation (SSICsim) is an annual conference hosted by University of Toronto students for high school level delegates that offers an innovative and unprecedented conference experience.

University Of Toronto

Founded in 1827 as King’s College, the University of Toronto (UofT) is Canada’s top public research university. UofT comprises of three campuses and the largest student body in Canada.

2016 Conference

SSICsim 2016 was a huge success thanks to all of our amazing delegates and staff! Last year's committees can be found here along with background guides. We look forward to your involvement for SSICsim 2017!

Meet our Secretariat and Directors behind the SSICsim 2016 conference!

Creating a stellar conference means having a stellar team. Our secretariat and staff members are the ones who work hard throughout the year to create the platforms of innovation that delegates engage with during our conference. The SSICsim family is very close-knit and it is our pleasure to make SSICsim 2016 a memorable experience for all. Click here for more information on our team.


Background guides are now posted on each committee! These contain vital information that will aid you in your research and preparation for this year's conference so please be sure to take a look. Click here to access further information. This year's committees include:

The Third Taiwan Strait Crisis (Joint Crisis)
The Expanse
A War for Peace: The Nixon Administration
The Thirty Years' War
Civil War: Panem
Attack on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Oil: The Fuel of Power

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Come learn more about the conference through our committee and secretariat featurettes.

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